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How to Replace the CPU Fan

Just like a car, a laptop can overheat without a functioning cooling system.Your system's cooling fan is located just over your CPU (Central Processing Unit) and is automated to cool down the processor when/if it gets too warm. If not cared for property, your cooling fan can burnout and will need to be replaced. This will require a complete disassembly of your laptop.


1. Turn off your laptop, close the LCD display, disconnect the power cable, remove the battery pack and any miscellaneous cables or peripheral devices.

2. Attach an antistatic wrist wrap to your wrist. Attach wrist wrap's wire clip to the outer casing of the laptop. This will help to prevent shock from static electricity.

3. Place the laptop face-up and open the LCD display as far as it will go. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry up on the keyboard bezel located between the keyboard and the LCD screen. Remove the bezel and set it to the side.

4. Remove the two Phillips-head screws attaching the keyboard to the laptop base. Lift up on the keyboard and place face-down over the trackpad or palm rest. Disconnect the keyboard's ribbon connector from the motherboard. Lift the keyboard out of the laptop casing and set it to the side with care.

5. Remove the Phillips-head screws attaching the heat sink to the motherboard. The heat sink is a large piece of metal covering the CPU and has a copper protruding out of it. Lift the heat sink out of the motherboard and set it to the side.

6. Remove the Phillips-head screws attaching the cooling fan to the laptop's motherboard. Lift the fan out of the laptop slightly and disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard. Set the fan to the side.

7. Install the new CPU fan by repeating the previous steps in reverse order.

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